Ines de Vos has build a team of great actors with a focus point on Arabic speakers but we also represent actors/actresses from other origine for the International Market only.
 Ines de Vos (also known as Ineke) has been in the casting business where she started of as a national Casting Director from 1990 in the Netherlands and worked her way up to the level this agency is today. The business operates from Amsterdam, the Netherlands but has connections all over the film/T.V. world and their actors/actresses are placed in all mean stream productions for Netflix, Amazon, HBO, ZDF, Sony Pictures and many more.
Ines de Vos, Talent Agent & Casting Director
she has been  casting more than 1000 of productions for directors such as:
Eli Roth (Hostel 1)
Peter Greenaway
John Herzfeld
Alejandro Agresti
Julien Vrebos
Frans Weisz
Paula van der Oest
Boris Damast
Mohammed Qissi
Paul Ruven
Edgar Reitz (Der Zweite Heimat)
Mohydeen Quandour
Alain van Goethem is Talent Agent assistant and he has been in the business in front of the camera for more than 30 years. Alain is dedicated, loyal and talented. Together Ines & Alain are a formidable team whom have very strong connections with their clients and with the industry as such.
Alain van Goethem, Assistant Talent Agent
Laywer: Michiel Ellens, Teurlings & Ellens Advocaten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce no: 62354213
VAT No: 11376681B03
Jack & Jill Talent Agency, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Telephone no: 0031-(0)6-120 54 250