Amsterdam, Athens, Antwerp & Casablanca

 2 days WORKSHOP
Athens, Greece:
23th to 25th of September 2017

By Ines de Vos & Alain van Goethem
With the help of  and thanks to Tonia Sitiropoulou
 and a remote session with Ben Gorman ( Agent of Buchwald from LA, USA) & Nicholas Guilak (renowned actor & casting expert)

We have scheduled our workshop “Presentation/Self Taping International ” in the weekend of 22nd of September till 25th of September 2017.
Every actor who wants to be seen on the International market will encounter some difficulties and task to overcome in order to be seen by the most important  Casting Directors/Agents/Producers/Directors.These difficulties are for some actors not there at all so it seems.
What are these so called ‘difficulties/tasks” .
Head shots 
Your showreel
Most important: Self taping which we will focus the most on during this workshop.
For whom
Actors/Actresses who have ambition to go and work International
2 days workshop from 12-18 hours  € 200
Students reduction
Students who can prove they are from the filmschool or theatre school will get a reduction of 50 % and
pay €100 for the 2 days workshop. 

 please send an e-mail to so we can send you all details about the workshop and get your place confirmed. 

SUBMIT NOW!!! We have limited spaces!!!