Yassine Fadel

  • Languages
    Actives : English, French, Arabic, Dutch. Passives : Spanish, German & Berber.
  • Origin
  • Lives in

Yassine is a gifted actor who has already played in films like “The Kidnapping of Freddy Heineken” & “Erased” of director Philipp Stölz. In 2017 he played in Homeland (TV-series) and Ali in De Bunker (TV-series) and in the film “La Part Sauvage”.

In 2012, he met Philipp Stölzl, director of the movie ‘The Expatriate‘, who gave him his first film role. Since then, shootings made him travel : To Canada for ‘Diego Star’, Belgium with ‘La Part Sauvage’, France with ‘The Conquerors’, Holland for ‘The Kidnapping of Freddy Heineken’, UK with the TV Serie ‘The Missing’and recently in Italy for ‘Ustica : The Missing Paper’ from director ‘Renzo Martinelli’ and also ‘Isola’ french feature movie as first experience as lead role.


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