Born in Aalst, November 16th 1995 (although my father’s Italian).

 Went to school there till I was fourteen. After that I went to boarding school and graduated there. I studied for two years; then I worked for half a year as a barista and now I’m going to pick up studying again.

My favourite thing in the world has consistently been the same since I started doing it: skateboarding. I’ve been skating for 9 years or so, but I never get skateBORED. 

Another thing I’m very interested in is psychology and sociology. And maybe at first the following link will be hard to understand, but I think that these interests (together with skateboarding) could be the reason why I’m so heavily intrigued by modelling/photography and most of all by film and acting! I also believe my lack of experience is nothing compared to my enthousiasm to be chosen for a certain role/project/…

So… Today I am a 21-year-old sponsored half-italian skateboarder, who studies while living together with his girlfriend in Ghent.

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