Based in Los Angeles, the young filmmaker and actor, Soufiane El Khalidy, just finished
working on the new hit Series Riley Parra  produced by Tello Films playing the supporting
role,called Redwan, and the upcoming feature Film, Shockwave portraying the character
of the Young Militant. He was also featured on the 8th season of NCIS: Los Angeles as,
Sayid Yratti. Between 2016 and 2017, Soufiane has been involved in 56 Los Angeles
productions including Hollywood movies, commercials, web series, and tv shows, both as a
talent, stuntman and member of production departments.

In 2013, the general public in France and Morocco started to notice his work when he was
the exclusive reporter for Fashion Maroc and its partner, the international modeling agency,
Elite Model Look Morocco, during 3 consecutive years. Furthermore, he was the voice of
radio channel; commercials, an actor for ads and the creative writer for national magazines
(Fashion Maroc, Tjeune, Snobbish, Artisthick).In addition to his extensive experience on movie sets,