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‘Film and television: apart from his family, nothing matters more in the life of Olivier Bisback. He doesn’t hide that his greatest ambition is to have his own star on the famous walk of fame.
In 2001 Olivier followed an intensive acting course in Los Angeles which he, being a natural talent, refined on the field. For more than two decades Olivier has performed in several movies and television series as an actor.
In the movie ‘JCVD‘ Olivier Bisback performed his first major role. His acting in this movie was noticed by professionals from several studios which resulted in modest, but striking roles in several Flemish television series and movies, such as Samson en Gert, Dennis Van Rita,  David, Wittekerke, Vermist, Flikken, Witse, Code 37, Zone Stad, Ella, Rox, Karkas, Buck, …
These series and movies were highly appreciated by the Flemish and Dutch viewers and Olivier Bisback is very proud to have contributed to their success.
He also played a small role in Diamant 13‘, a French movie with the famous actor Gérard Depardieu, and inThe Eagle Path in which he had the honour to share the screen for the second time with Jean-Claude Van Damme, his idol.
Later on he played next to Matthias Schoenaerts in ‘Rundskop’, the Oscar nominated movie, in the final elevator scene. He also had a small role in ‘The Fifth Estate’ and ‘Le Tout Nouveau Testament’. This year he played the husband of Vanessa Paradis in the movie ‘Un Chien’ and next to Roland Möller in ‘A Bluebird in my Heart’. ‚
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