SPOTLIGHT Michael John Treanor

Michael was born in Liverpool, England on the 13th of July 1983 but grew up in Alicante, Spain so he is fully fluent in English and Spanish. He used to be a boxing Champion and is currently also a professional boxing coach.

Michael has appeared in many short films and Theatre productions such as “Lark Rise To Candleford” and “Not The Horse” which he performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and also Feature Films such as “Le Monde Est a Tois”(“The World Is Yours”)directed by Romain Gavras in which he plays Glasgow Ranger and was shown at Cannes Film Festival at the Cannes quinzaine des r√©alisateurs. He also played a very dark role as Tony Tightfit in “Dirty God” a film directed by Dutch director Sacha Polak filmed in Amsterdam.

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He studied drama at the David Johnson school of acting and Inspire actors studio both located in Manchester and also studied Meisner with LA based acting coach Anthony Montes.