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    Native English, London and American accent
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Michael James Ackerman has secured one of the lead roles in Luing Andrews feature film 8ish (2016), and also a lead role in Birds, Babes, and Bullets 2017

Michael trained at Anna Scher Theatre school London , and later the Young Actors Theatre in Islington. Which led to him working on the movie Bullion Boys (1993) with David Jason, also Business Affair with Christopher Walken (1994), and Being Human with Robin Williams (1994), also BBC dramas Our Friends in the North (1996) with Daniel Craig and Christopher Ecclestone, La Passion (1996) Chris Rea , Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Pierce Brosnon. He also appeared in TV roles for The Bill , Londons Burning , Eastenders , Birds of a Feather, Goodnight sweetheart and Frankie.

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