Florian Munteanu

Florian is a professional Boxer fighting in the heavyweight division & Fitness model. 

Born 13.10.1990 in Germany, raised in Germany with Romanian origin.

He studied Sports-, Media- and Eventmanagement at the university of Munich, finished with the Bachelor of Arts in 2014.

Flo as people call him, was born into a family of sports enthusiasts, so there was only one direction to go for him. Inspired by his father, who was an avid boxer and follower of athletic sports his self, he was guided into different sports at an early age. Ultimately he made the decision to stay with the sports of boxing and fitness. Because of his power and his big appearance the boxing and fitness scene gave him the nickname “Big Nasty”.

He is 1.94m height & weights 105 kg with (dark) brown hair & green eyes.

Before and after he studied he has spend half a year each in Sydney and Los Angeles, improving his sportive and social skills. He already has been in contact with all kinds of person which makes it easy for him to be liked by everyone.

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