Efraiem Hanna

His last victory was with the comedy ‘Dirty Film’ (best short film DOFIFF), where he one the title of best leading actor at the Depth of Field International Film Festival

Efraiem Hanna or “Hanna” was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt and speaks fluent Arabic.

He came to the USA in 1999 and became an American Citizen in 2013.

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He earned a business degree in the United States and became a member of PSI BETA Honor Society, but he also aggressively sought to live out of his passion of acting.  He started his acting career in the end of 2010.

He has worked on a several TV productions, films, commercials and music videos.

His most recent TV appearance was on “Race Riot”, Philadelphia TV show portraying his first lead role. Furthermore, he grabbed the audience’s attention portraying Tom. 

In the short comedy film ‘Dirty Dreams’, Efraiem played the lead role and he co-starred in the feature film ‘Ticket to Hell’ . Efraiem Hanna’s career hit an upswing after portraying  Detective Siddiqui in the new hit series ‘The Underground Kings’, and he landed on a lead role in a TV show to be filmed soon.

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