Charley Pasteleurs

Charley Pasteleurs was trained in Brussels to be an actor. Once finished he started performing in street-theater and went on to improv.

From then on Charley appeared in many television series such as Familie, Thuis, Vermist, Amigo’s, Danni Lowinsky and many more.

Films couldn’t be waiting and he made his first appearance in ‘The memory of a Killer’ and went on to -amongst others- Untenable, Flemish Snuff, La Boucle, Les Profs 2, Diamant Noir, Isra en het magische boek, Le Fidèle and more recently ‘The Missing 2’ for BBC One and ‘The Otherthrown’ for RTBF in English.

Charley plays as comfortable in Dutch, French, and English as in German.

Between filming Charley appears on stage in ‘Ladies Night’, ‘Rust Roest’ and now rehearsing for ‘ ’17-’18 ’ about WW1. Also he writes his own plays. Amongst these plays, films and series are many others but too much to mention due to a wonderful career of over 20 years and many more to come.


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