• Languages
    Arabic (classic), English, Turkish,Little Danish, Italian, Spanish & French
  • Lives in
    Madrid, Spain

Born in Aleppoin syria,

In 2011 Bouzan moved to Spain to continue to study acting in Spanish
(acting school unirescuela)
from 2011 until 2015).continue to study acting in English(cinema room) from 2015 until 2018).

2006:palmira syrian,classic theater:(alejandro magno) .
2007:beirut libano,classic theater:role( Selaheddin eyubie)
2009:Istanbull turkiye ,classic theater:role doctor medicine (Ibn sina ).
2015:movie truman in spain .
2017:serie tv show servir y protegir .
2018:movie domino .
2007 :the best actor award middle east .

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