Anik Vandercruyssen is a talented Belgian actress with a great comedic timing. 

After studying languages Anik ended up in the music scene where she became the lead singer o

f the rock/pop/funk-band Anik Nak. She studied at De Kleine Academie in Brussels, an International drama school in Brussels. This way she debuted as an actress in the movie Hombres Complicados by Dominique Deruddere. Afterwards she played several guest roles in series like : Het Geslacht De Pauw (Een), Zone Stad (VTM), Flikken (Een), Binnenstebuiten (VTM) , De Zonen van Van As. She also played in “That Awkward Moment” that won a Rookie Award in the category “Sketch & Comedy”  She also played a part in the movies Everybody Famous, Dikkenek, Torpedo, Flying Home, Tot Altijd. She’s perfect bilingual in French and Dutch and has the ability to play in English and German.

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