Amy is a young actress of 17 years old.

Amy speaks English, French and German fluently.

Born in Britain to English parents, she speaks English with a British accent – it is my mother-tongue – and then raised and educated in France, where she lives now next to Geneva, Switzerland, She can speak fluent French with no accent.

I am a seventeen-year-old passionate actress, involved in theatre since the age of eight and part of several amateur drama groups in Geneva, Switzerland.  I started working in film at the age of fourteen, and since, have been cast in several projects and am homeschooled so that I can pursue acting roles full-time.  I have just finished filming the film  ‘Une Paire de Jumelles’ in which I played the lead role in Paris.

To book Amy or for inquiries:

Talent agent: Ines de Vos
0031-6-120 54 250