Abdelslam Demjeguende

Male actor

One example of a great film he has played in is ALZMAN AL3AGAR with Amal Sakr & Abderhim Menyari

Abdeslam has been playing with the biggest actors, actresses and directors of Morrocco. He also played a part in LWLAD LBLAD, co-starred by Rachid El Wali, Mouna Ftou, Mohamed El Bistaoui, Nasiha Regrage & Said B. One of his most important traits is that he really becomes the character, making him suitable for lots of different characters. Furthermore, he is a fine MARTIAL ART MAN, extremely good in STUNT COORDINATION: Kickboxing, Mix Martial Arts, Tai Chi & Wingchun. He can also play Japanese characters.

  • Country
    The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • Age Range
  • Origine
  • Length
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Native language
  • Other languages
    French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian

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