Arabic, English & Dutch
    Antwerp, Belgium
  • Origin
    Moroccan, has the ability to learn Arabic dialects very fast
  • Date of Birth

Abdel Malik has gained experience during his first supporting role in the number of Film & TV projects.

2015: The Bunker- VTM TV series: EYE WORKS – Production manager Kris Verschooten
2017: Lockdown – short film – international film festival – Cannes. Koen Van Sande
2017: Patser – Gangsta Longplay Movie Directors: Adil El Arbi & Billal Fallah
2017: THE TEAM II – International production with Belgian & International cast
Producers: Network Movie (D),Lunanime (B), Nordisk Film (DK) and Superfilm

(A).Directors:Jannick Johannes – Kasper Gaastoe – producer & directoet at Network Movie:: Andie
Wecker – photography: Philippe Kress.
dances & acts gladly. In addition, he is at International school to become stronger in languages,
English & French. It is a challenge to interpret characters and in different languages. During the
recording of The Team 2, he found it very important to learn the dialect for the character ‘Tariq’. A
language coach has learnd dialects or Levantine Arabic with him. (South Syrian Arabidialect from

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