Guray Nalbant

  • Lives in
    Brussels, Belgium
  • Date of birth
    Sept 11th, 1975

A few years ago he was spotted in film, apparently he had the qualities required …The roles and applications that are quickly chained, he had the chance to run with big movie stars such as David Hallyday, Didier Gustin, Matthias Schoenaerts, Olivier Gourmet, … and the biggest players of Morocco!

Guray did his primary and secondary education in Brussels, artistic section (painting, drawing, advertising, art deco). In the 90s,  practiced Chinese martial art, demonstration. He has been Belgian champion several times & once European Champion (Marbella 1992)In those years,  Guray had the chance to follow the acid jazz dance classes at his  brother (one of the most famous choreographer in Belgium)Since then he has  exercised any kind of work, especially in real estate and finally owner of a big brewery-restaurant renowned in the main square of Brussels!

He is casted in SEVERAL roles in multiple feature films and short films including one for “BOZAR MUSIC” (introduction to the concert Ibrahim Maalouf)He had the exclusive run on a series in Morocco, “1001 nights” of Annouar Moatassim. He was the only “foreign” a completely Moroccan casting! He recently landed a contract as a model and as the new face of a cigarette brand serving the US, “Payne-mason cigar.”

 Short films:
– Death squad (Olive Merckx)
-Rip deal (Michael Salah)
-Road 666 (Bertrand Demare)
-Lilly (Bozar music)
-The faithful man (Sokol Reka)
-l’aigle (Sokol Reka)

Feature Films:
 -The faithful (Michael Roskam)
 -The black bag (Hanna Castera)
 -The soulmates (hanna castera)
 -Tueurs (François Troukens)

-1001 Nights Season 1 (2014)
-1001 Nights Season 2 (2015) director: Annouar Moatasim
-Toni Captain
-Payne Mason Cigar – He is the new face of this very exclusive brand of Cigars
– “Kanun” (Sandra Fassio)
– “Your truth bothers me” (Sumeya Kökten)
– “Switchers” (Ahmed Aksas)
-A big international T.V. Serie, name confidential..


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